The day

Over joyed, excited we are.
Today’s the day.
Finally had come,
forever it seemed.
As the flowers bloom the smell grows strong.
On this special day.
Vows were said,
true love prevailed.
The sun has set.
The day has gone.
The memory we have
of this beautiful day.
As the good-bye’s are said.
The photographs will tell the story.

By: Shara Royer

Our wedding day has come and gone, but with great thanks to Janean. Our wedding day will always be remembered as the day we proclaimed our love to be together. Janean’s photos captured how special and beautiful it really was and how much it meant to us. We would like to thank you so much for everything.

From: Ivan & Shara Royer
July 2003

Dear Janean,

Kent and I would like to sincerely thank you for the fantastic job you did with our engagement and wedding photographs. We are very pleased with the products that you have given us.

We really enjoyed spending time with you before the wedding and on the wedding day. Your pleasant nature made our decision on choosing a photographer very simple. Once we met you, we did not need to search any further.

Our favorite photographs are the candid shots that you and your assistant took of us throughout the day. There were tons of photos to go through and ALL of them were great.

We would definitely recommend your services to anyone we know who needs professional photography done.

On behalf of our families, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for making our wedding day memories so special.

Laura & Kent Cross
July 2004

Dear Janean,

Cyrus and I would like to thank you for being our photographer on our wedding day. When we first met, it was evident that you were going to make our wedding day a special one by how easy it was to talk to you about what we wanted in our wedding photos. You made us feel comfortable and reassured us that our happiness was your primary concern.

Our first glimpse at your talent in photography was when you did our engagement photos at the park. The photographs turned out so wonderful, with the vibrant colors of fall surrounding us. Our relatives and friends who got to see the photos of our wedding day were also quite impressed by them.

On our wedding day, the photos that you took were amazing! Every place you had our pictures taken turned out so beautiful and perfect. In addition to the traditional photos, you took candid pictures of us and the bridal party enjoying ourselves.

Cyrus and I are so happy to have had a photographer like you. You captured every emotion felt and expressed on our wedding day in all the photos that you took. We are forever grateful to you. We will get in touch with you again when our friends and family need a photographer for their special occasions. Take care Janean,

Amanda & Cyrus
July 2004


We wanted to thank you for your friendly, outgoing personality; from the first time we met you, and then throughout the wedding process. We loved your professionalism, and your ease to work with made our day less stressful.

We have so many wonderful memories captured in the photos you took. The touchups you did look great, and we appreciate all the time and effort that you put into them. We will treasure all of these beautiful memories.

We wish you and your family all the best,

Dan & Christine
July 2006

Dear Janean,

Thank you for the wonderful work you did at our wedding. All that have viewed our photos have thoroughly enjoyed them. It is so nice to see your professional flare and vision that you consistently put into each photograph. I really appreciate the time you took with us on our special day.

These photographs are a special treasure to us that will help us relive those wonderful moments of our wedding day. Our photos are fabulous, breathtaking and almost above words in regards to how much we love them. I have placed several photos throughout our home and our relative’s homes. There were so many magnificent pictures this was not an easy task!!!

As we all know, a wedding is one of the most memorable moment in a person’s life. We are so appreciative that someone with your artistic vision could capture those moments that mean so much to us. It was so wonderful to have you as our photographer. We continue to give your name to others who have special events in their lives. Certainly, when another special occasion occurs in our lives we will be calling you too.

Thank you again for being such a spectacular photographer.
With much appreciation,

Suzanne and Richard Smith
September 2006

We had our engagement and wedding photos done by Janean, and they turned out simply beautiful. The personalized service that we received throughout the entire process was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Janean!

Travis See & Sandra Forscutt
September 2007

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. You made the photographs a pleasurable part of our wedding day and we are extremely happy with the end results!

Scott & Kelly Marson
September 2006